History of Fort West ?>

History of Fort West

History of Fort West

The FWOA was incorporated in 1989 with the purpose of serving the interests of the Fort West residents.  the Board of Directors is comprised of homeowners that work for our community strictly on a volunteer basis.  The goal of the Board is to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood for the benefit of everyone owning a property in the subdivision.  These homeowners are willing to go the extra mile to make our community a better place to live.

The Board needs your support and involvement to improve the services provided to YOU.  Investing time today will result in a great return for you and your family.  The FWOA provides many service offerings to Fort West and its residents.  Please join the association and get involved with your community TODAY!

The FWOA serves Fort West residents in numerous ways by:

  • welcoming new neighbors
  • maintaining the entrances, common areas and playground/park areas
  • paying necessary taxes, expenses, and insurance associated with the common and park areas
  • social gatherings for children and families
  • entrance holiday decorating
  • producing publications such as newsletters, membership directories, member information packets, etc.